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A Game Changing Vendor Payment Platform With a Working Capital Twist!

Buyers can now choose when to pay their invoices (even past the due date!)

Vendors can now be paid whenever they want (even early!)


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How It Works


Every day vendors send invoices to their buyers and hope (and hope some more) that their buyers will pay on time. Buyers receive invoices and hope they will have the cash flow to pay on time.

​"Hope" is nice and all... but it has no role in 21st century business. Axadon allows buyers to pay invoices when they have available cash flow and allows vendors to be paid whenever they want regardless of when the buyer wants to pay. We take the guesswork out of the complicated and stressful supply chain.

  • Step 1 Buyer applies to be an Axadon approved buyer HERE
  • Step 2 Buyer invites vendors to join via Email
  • Step 3 Buyer enters invoices into their Axadon portal and schedules their "Pay Date" for any date within 120 days of the invoice issue date
  • Step 4 Vendor schedules their "Pay Date" for any date between the invoice issue date and the invoice due date

Simplicity. Liquidity. Risk-Free.


We’re bringing a new level of choice and flexibility to the world’s payment systems. Simplicity. Liquidity. Risk-free.


No more choosing between healthy cash flow and keeping vendors happy


No more worrying about slow paying customers

  • Approval in minutes
  • Vendors speed up receivables
  • Buyers can delay payables
  • Simple online interface
  • Excellent customer support
  • Go live within 24 hours
  • Personal guarantees
  • Personal credit checks
  • UCC's or Liens
  • Need to buy out existing loans
  • Enrollment
  • Monthly fees

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