Case Studies

We are proud of our diverse clientele of buyers and vendors across the globe in over 150 industries united by a common goal: to “Pay When You Want, Get Paid When You Want” ™. While most vendors generally use Axadon to ensure timely payment or utilize the “early pay” feature, the way in which buyers utilize Axadon is more diverse. Below are several case studies of current Axadon buyers.

Chatter on the streets

  • Axadon plays a significant role in advancing my relationships with my vendors

  • Axadon has helped us capitalize on business opportunities to grow our company and expand our global presence

  • A great platform to ensure prompt payment to vendors

  • Our vendors also utilize Axadon to help their own businesses. A true win/win!

  • Axadon is now an engrained partner in my business today and for years ahead

  • The beauty is that all our payables are taken care of

  • Thank you again for your incredible partnership

  • Incredibly simple to use for buyers and vendors

  • More valuable than a typical line of credit

  • Axadon has given our company peace of mind knowing our vendors are paid and we get to select when to pay axadon

  • I never hesitate to recommend Axadon to my clients and believe any company looking for a flexible and progressive way to finance their business and improve vendor relationships should use them